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If you use the internet and mail services very often, then 'Quarantine Manager' feature from the McAfee antivirus 2017 is a thing to install on your PC. Quarantine Manager helps you to manage all your spam mails and virus files in one place.

In this article, you will get the information related to the Quarantine manager and the indications to use it.

1. Uninstall the Quarantine software already installed on your computer and then install the latest version. Before that, check the system requirements to experience proper operation.

2. First, register a purchased McAfee Antivirus and then install eQuality Orchestrator feature. This version is required for the version 5.0 and up of the Quarantine Manager. It will allow you to manage the antivirus software from a single point.

3. Access the Quarantine Manager from the administrative interface. From here you can view the statistics of quarantine files and manage other features of the software.

4. Explore the dashboard feature that will give you a clear visual representation of the Quarantine Manager. It regulates the quarantined spam, files and phish. You can select the time range over which you wish to view the results and graphics.

5. Get the information regarding the whitelist and blacklist function for the email address. You can utilize the user submission function to spot the spam, virus, malware and manage them.

If you need any additional information regarding the McAfee antivirus 2017, you can call the McAfee Technical Support Number +61-283206056. Their customer care executives are very experienced and have resolution to all the issues related to the antivirus. They are among the best technical service provider related to the McAfee Antivirus in Australia. You can get their customer care number from Google or by visiting their official website of McAfee Support.

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